Until this week, we had only see photos of the concept version 2013 Pathfinder.  Finally, Nissan gratified its fans by releasing production-ready photos of the new SUV on Facebook, after keeping up the suspense for over 6 months.  We saw the interior photos during the 2nd month of the year, prolonging the release photos and information as long as possible.  Nissan is well-known for the slowly releasing different aspects of vehicles over the course of months to let anticipation rise to the highest peak possible.

As far as we can tell in the photos, the next-gen Pathfinder has a new swoop design on either side of the hood, a more rectangular grille frame, new headlight design, widened fenders, chrome roof rails and a panoramic sunroof.

The new Pathfinder will be powered by an advanced V6 engine paired to a CVT transmission.  Nissan says to expect around 25% better fuel efficiency and more towing/hauling power.

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30 Jul 2012

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