Imperial Coach Builders, a company which builds limousines and other spacious and other vehicles piloted by a driver, has created a stretch Nissan Leaf limousine.  This Leaf limo is the first limousine that runs completely on electric power.  Not only was a built for people who find a no-emission vehicle more attractive to be driven in, but it can also help limousine companies in lowering the overall MPG of their fleet, gaining them federal tax cuts for environment protection.

Imperial released the above video which was shot without music or narration to highlight the absence of noise; either from the engine or from penetrating road noise.  The video highlights the wood trim with the tasteful leather-decked interior. The passenger seats are two sets of side-by-side dual seats that face each other with plenty of room in between.

The company has not released specifics about how far the Leaf Electric Limo can drive on one charge, but the regular current Leafs can go about 74 miles before they need charging.

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24 Jul 2012

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