Nissan has invested millions of dollars in expanding North American manufacturing plants and creating new ones on the continent. The Nissan Sentra is produced in both Mississippi and Mexico. For the 2013 model year, the bulk of Nissan Sentras will be manufactured at the Aguascalientes, Mexico plant which has recently undergone $150 million in changes.

“The Aguascalientes manufacturing team earned the responsibility of producing the next-generation Sentra through a long-standing record of productivity, quality and efficiency,” Bill Krueger, Vice Chairman of Nissan Americas, told media.

Since 1992, over 230,000 Sentras have been manufactured in Mexico and Nissan is looking to raise that number a staggering amount. The small to midsize sedan segment continues to grow more popular every year, and Nissan expects record-braking Sentra sales over the next couple of years. Nissan has given the Sentra new features, a more efficient engine putting it at 40 MPG on the highway and several other new attributes.

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6 Sep 2012

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