The new Nissan Sentra in Tacoma was given a redesign for the new model year, and has received much praise since. One reviewer from KBB described the 2013 Nissan Sentra as feeling less like a compact sedan and more like a smaller midsize sedan, which have more room and smoother handling.

The Sentra’s big claim to fame is its class-leading fuel economy, which is rated at an average of 34 MPG. A recent review from Green Car Reports stated they recorded an average of over 36 MPG during their drive.


One of the most interesting parts of driving a new Nissan Sentra is the continuously variable transmission, which is a gearless automatic and drives better than transmission that switch gear. The Eco, Normal and Sport modes help drivers to prioritize fuel economy over performance, letting them choose if they would like to get the most out of their MPGs or horsepower.

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20 Feb 2013

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