Nissan has announced their intention to begin working on an all new Nissan Titan truck.  The biggest part of this news is that the new Titan will be the best full-size pickup yet, and built to appeal to a broader spectrum of buyers.  The automaker is expanding its fleet models, for both commercial owners and retail customers.

“As a full-line manufacturer, Nissan aims to be a player in every part of the truck business,” Pierre Loing, vice president of Product and Advanced Planning and Strategy for Nissan Americas, told media. “Our truck teams… are hard at work on a next generation full-size truck line that will expand Titan’s appeal to a broader spectrum of truck buyers, including the all-important skilled trades-buyers. Our new truck will be filled with Nissan innovation and expertise without compromise.”


Nissan trucks are becoming more popular, as sales show the demand for the Nissan Frontier in Tacoma sales have risen over 35% in the past two years.

For more information about the Titan, or to take a look at any Nissan vehicle, contact Larson Nissan.

7 Feb 2013

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