The next generation of the award-winning Nissan LEAF is upon us. Nissan has announced the unveiling of the this next-gen LEAF to take place during next month’s International Auto Show in Geneva.

The automaker has said to expect a longer rage, better aerodynamics, a more comfortable interior, a smoother and more nimble driving experience and some ambient lighting to help light your way to the vehicle’s charger. Nissan has totaled the number of changes to the new Nissan Leaf in Tacoma at over 100.


With the LEAF’s previous Carwings System, Nissan was able to record data that ultimately led to providing a superior vehicle. This data included customer charging, usage and mileage patterns. Now, the Carwings System provides owners with ability to remotely control heating and cooling, better smartphone integration and voice recognition, current-time information about charging stations and charting a course that will use the least amount of battery power.

For more information about the LEAF, or to take a look at any Nissan vehicle, contact Larson Nissan.

28 Feb 2013

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