The compact and mid-size vehicle segment is constantly growing in popularity, and Nissan is answering the constant competition by making their vehicles, like the Nissan Sentra in Tacoma, better and better each year.  This means, that at no extra cost, consumers receive more luxury, safety, in-car tech and high fuel-efficiency than ever before.

Nissan’s goal for the newest Sentra was to offer  styling and features that were not found in the competition – and they has been successful. The Sentra SL is equipped with keyless ignition, rearview camera, navigation, 17-inch wheels, dual-zone climate control, satellite radio and Bluetooth connectivity.  All this for a small sticker price of $21,370.


The Nissan Sentra is powered by a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine, providing 130 horsepower and earning a fuel rating of 39 MPG on the highway and 30 MPG in the city.  It offers some of the best performance and handling in its class.

For more information about the Sentra, or to take a look at any Nissan vehicle, contact Larson Nissan.

22 May 2013

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