Tough roads and even tougher traffic make cities a workout for any vehicle.  In a recent interview of one taxi driver,  Uppkar Singh Thind described himself as “over the moon” to the New York Post.  Thind  was chosen as one of just six people picked to drive the electric cab when it was launched back in April during a set of electric vehicle trial set about by Nissan.

As part of the trial, Thind paid only $1 for the car as part of the trial, which will last just one year before the car goes back to Nissan.  Not everyone gets a Nissan Leaf for $1 of course, but Thind is already discovering the running cost benefits; whether charging at home or paying $7 for the 3.5 hours of driving a charge gets him in New York’s summer heat.


Overall, Thind says he pays around $11 a day in electricity, around $4 of which is his overnight charge at home. Compare that to his previous gas costs which were around $50, and it’s easy to see the appeal.

The electric taxi trial will help the city “answer important questions about incorporating electric taxis into the fleet,so that we can achieve the goal of a one-third electric taxi fleet by 2020,”  NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg told reporters in April.

Several DC fast-charge stations have been installed around the city, allowing Leaf taxi drivers to gain an 80% charge in around 30 minutes.  Soon, these types of charging stations will be found all around larger cities and will make their way into the smaller ones, too.  If a Nissan Leaf in Tacoma can be driven continuously throughout the day, then the fear of driving an electric vehicle to long or too far should be extinguished.

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30 Jul 2013

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