It is important that your Nissan gets a proper look over when it needs it. At Larson Nissan, we are thrilled to tell you that we offer Radiator Repair for Nissan in Tacoma. We have a crew that is ASE certified and above all devoted to making sure the engine under your hood is working at peak capacity. Using only the best in terms of diagnostics and maintenance machinery, our zealous team will work closely with you to find and repair any problems you may be having with your Nissan.


A cars radiator is an integral part of its cooling system. It is important to be able to recognize when you are having problems with your radiator. The most obvious symptom of radiator failure or clogging is of course higher than normal readings on your temperature gauge on hot days, when the air conditioner is turned on and/or when operating under prolonged loads. When you notice any of these symptoms, bring your vehicle for Radiator Repair for Nissan in Tacoma. We will run diagnostics on your overall cooling system and also check if there is anything hindering air flow. This problem is especially rampant in SUV’s that add tires at the front of the car, impeding air flow.

Apart from diagnostics, at Larson Nissan we offer radiator fixes. This includes but is not restricted to radiator replacements, sealing cracks and fan replacement. If your coolant to water ratio is off your cars cooling ability will be compromised. We check your coolant-water ratio and change it up if it needs changing. Due to its position in the car the radiator is susceptible to dirt and airborne plant material. Wear and tear also affects your radiators ability to work efficiently with your cooling fins becoming corroded and oxidized. At Larson Nissan we clean out your radiator for you and replace worn out parts. At Larson Nissan we use only the very best parts and fluids for your car. Only factory recommended parts specific to your cars make and design will be used on your car. We will go above and beyond the expected to make sure you drive away a happy and satisfied Nissan owner. To check out our Radiator Repair for Nissan in Tacoma services come down to Larson Nissan. We are proud to serve Tacoma and nearby cities like Edgewood, Puyallup, Sumner, Federal Way.

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25 Jul 2014