Nissan is consistently at the top of the game when it comes to innovation and cars that cater directly to consumers, and they’re keeping this trend up by Reimagining the Nissan Versa Note this year.

With concerns over fuel efficiency becoming a major factor in how consumers purchase their new cars, the Versa Note Nismo’s star feature balances out efficiency with a smooth ride and control that will make consumers “want to keep driving”, in the words of the Nismo’s Chief Product Specialist.

Motorsports-inspired Power

The Versa Note offers a powertrain and suspension that are based off of the kind in motorsports, allowing for a remarkably smooth ride and total balance. In Reimagining the Nissan Versa Note, Nissan also added a gearbox that allows the driver to push the engine’s power to its full potential, creating a pleasurable experience and a strong sense of control.

Nissan is nothing if not style-focused with its cars, and both its interior and exterior lend comfort, road-efficiency, and versatility. Both sports seats and bucket seats are offered with the Versa Note Nismo, creating the ability for the consumer to customize the car as much as they need to.

The Nismo is Nissan’s performance brand, and is often the brand in which Nissan showcases its new and innovative technology. Nismo competes in some of the most intense sports-car racing events, including the World Endurance Championships. Reimagining the Nissan Versa Note as a everyday car with sport roots results in a very unique vehicle that is sure to have consumers turning heads.

The Nissan Versa Note features red accents on both the exterior and interior, adding to the individualistic sense of style that Nissan has become so known for.

Multiple Models

The Nissan Versa Note will come in two models: the standard model and the Versa Note S, for consumers who need the extra push and handling of the engine. In Reimagining the Nissan Versa Note, Nissan has given us a standard road-car that can be handled and nudged like a top-of-the-line sports car. The Nissan Versa Note is for thrill-seekers and everyday users alike…and maybe even those who, like the Versa Note itself, fall in between those categories.

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10 Oct 2014